Monday, 29 September 2014

Beginnings and Endings

So a couple of big things are happening this week. Firstly I am turning 37. For some reason, I am really excited about this one. Something about the numbers, where it sits between 35 and 40, I don't know. It's also nice having my big kids old enough to get excited with me. And thinking about it, my last birthday was completely overshadowed by worry about my twins in utero, so maybe that's why this one feels so special. This year, I can spare the time for a birthday. And it can be a bit about me! Most fortunately, my big kids are in kindy on my big day and mum has said she will mind the babies, so I will be taking myself shopping without any children. There will be no time limit and although it won't be with much money, I am looking forward to a small splurge. And I WILL NOT be entering any children's shops! Is it weird that that disappoints me a little? Still not doing it.
With this last year being so frantic and full-on, I am in right place now to think about things I'd like to work on over the next year. Things that have been put on the back-burner over the last 12 months.

The wish-list for my 37th year:

1. Start reading books again. I so miss a good book, and I REALLY miss reading in bed. Sadly, while Baby A is sleeping in our room and we are camping out in the living room, this is a distant goal. But I'm putting it out there.
2. Keep working on the novel. Hmmm. I read somewhere of a dedicated writer who got up at 4am each morning to write before her family woke up. We'll see.
3. Learn more recipes for kids meals and snacks. I suck at this. I get stuck in a rut of giving the big kids the same food for their meals and hate that they are missing out on trying the brilliant tastes that are out there. But the rare times when I get it together to shop, prepare and cook them something new, it is rejected. When you're on a budget and time is scarce, that is soul-destroying.
4. Start exercising. I have thought and thought about this one. I have a dodgy knee, which rules out the simplicity of a morning or evening jog, so for me, it is about getting to the local swimming pool for a few laps a couple of times a week. I used to swim in my hey-day and to be honest, it got very boring. But it's a different life now, and I suspect I might find the lack of conversation and repetitive movement to be utterly blissful.
5. Get the quality time thing right. With everything being so BUSY for us all the time, this one is so important to me. It's all very well to have a big family, but I need each of my kids to feel acknowledged and heard by me. Trust me, with the age they're all at, this is so much easier said than done. Yesterday my husband told me how nice it was to cuddle up in bed with Miss P and read books together. I realised with dismay that I allowed no time for that at all, and it would mean so much to her if I could just make the effort. So from hereon I'll be making a concerted effort to stop all the busy-ness for a few minutes a day, so that once the babies are asleep for their naps, my priority will be her, and Mr B. The good thing is, I love reading books, so it'll be a sneaky pleasure for me. Great excuse to avoid getting the washing in!

The other big thing that's happening is that this is the last week of my maternity leave and I'll be heading back to work next week for two days a week. My wonderful mum will be looking after the babies for me, fingers crossed they decide to stay on routine. They both have little colds now which has thrown them off track, but here's hoping anyway. I am feeling sad that I won't have as much alone time with once I am back to work, but next year when Mr B goes to school I'll be able to have Fridays each week with them, during term time anyway. On the plus side, heading back to work offers me some valuable adult time. Even catching the bus to work will be enjoyable. Might be able to work on some of those goals! Or I could just daydream, I love a good daydream. And the cafe near my work makes spectacular coffee! I'd be lying if I said I wanted to go back to work, but in the long run I want to have a successful career and I think keeping my foot in the door at this time is integral to that.


  1. Good luck Laney, I think you list and my list are quite similar, minus three kids.

  2. Thanks joanium, the list is always a work in progress...