Saturday, 11 October 2014

7.30pm is WINE O'CLOCK

I have always done by best to adhere to the bedtime rule of 7.30pm, even when I only had one or two kids. Now that I have four of them, it is all the more important!

After a long day, whether it has been with the little ones all day or if I have been at work, I need my cut-off time! In fact, when I'm in the thick of it, say 5.45pm, and in the middle of the dinner/bath/bedtime fiasco for four separate little beings (who aren't in a rush whatsoever), I need to look at the clock and think, 'in under 2 hours, these monkeys will all be cosy in bed and there will be silence in this house....'

It keeps me sane at our most insane hour. I'm sure many of you would sympathise.

You see, given that I am most often asleep (amongst the chocolate wrappings) on the couch by 9.30pm, there is a very small window for me to actually unwind and connect with Husband. And to get anything DONE. If my free time came any later I'd be a zombie. It has to be 7.30pm. And it really helps if there is a glass of red in it for me.

 SO I get a bit cranky if the schedule doesn't go to plan. And of course, it sometimes doesn't. Last night, Baby J decided I needed to be at his bedside until he was properly asleep, promptly waking each time I lifted my hand from his tummy. It took ages (and followed a similar pattern all night).

Thank goodness for red wine.


  1. Oh, I hear you, sister. Bottoms up!


    1. Cheers! If only the hangover was still manageable...