Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Not So Terrible Tuesday

What a relief today didn't turn out to be a nightmare.

It had all the makings of one, starting from as early on as 12.30am this morning, when Baby J began the first of his repeated wake-ups. This continued until about 3am, when Mr B came looking for help to turn his bedtime music back on (don't ask), and was joined shortly after by Baby A, who refused to settle back to sleep until 5am.

Then Baby J woke up again and Husband and I began a blazing row with each other, during which we exchanged all sorts of nasties entirely unsuited to the given time in the morning, before declaring the day begun in the worst way possible.

Don't worry, we made up within minutes, we are crap arguers as we can't stand the tension.

So I had a really bad feeling about how the rest of the day was going to progress, with the four kids at home and me with no clever plans for them. I was too chuffing tired and couldn't be ARSED coming up with something.

So I decided just to go with the flow and not get too stressed about it. We managed to pop out early in the morning to get Mr B's school uniform (he needs it for Orientation) and Miss P's birthday party invitations (her party is in a little over a month), as mum came over to watch the babies for me.

Then, once my mum left, the 5 of us somehow managed. We watched some TV, had some lunch, and then did some puzzles. Once it approached the next sleep time for the babies, I popped them in the double pram and hustled us all out the door for a walk, or, as I declared, a TREASURE HUNT
(read: this is the least mentally-taxing activity mummy can manage).

The TREASURE HUNT walk involved each of the big kids carrying a bucket through the streets, scrolling the pavement for dead leaves and flowers pretty bits of nature like fallen flowers and brilliant sticks and actual rubbish precious things, such as the fantastic old rubber band we found, along with a couple of amazing Heineken bottle top lids. Luckily, we found two of these, as the first one became quite the coveted item when we found it. Thank goodness for litterbugs.

We brought the assortment home and it now sits dejectedly in our back garden, where it will probably stay until it is sent out with the recycling next week. Points for effort though, right?

Before I knew it, it was early bath time and dinner for all the kids. And as I type this, all of them are asleep and I am not frazzled with stress. Glass of wine was poured promptly at 7.30pm.

Holy smoke, have I actually had a good day with all my kids on a Terrible Tuesday?????

Maybe I am getting better at this. We'll see.

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