Sunday, 26 October 2014

Family Theme Song

We love music in our house. Before kids and domesticity came on the scene, I loved going to gigs and concerts, and I definitely kept up with new music. Not so much now. But I do love pulling out an old classic and rocking out every now again. I find music so good for releasing tension, lifting my mood and energising me when I start getting the into the doldrums. This is nearly always between 3.30pm and 4pm when I'm at home, just before the onslaught of the witching hour. A time I definitely need a pick-me-up.

I've been playing this one song over and over again. I get right into it, busting moves and trying to hit the big notes and really feeling the theme of the song. I am an absolutely awful singer by the way.  Then it occurred to me. This is my family song right now. Remember the show 'Ally McBeal', and her personal theme song?

Well, this is currently our family theme song.

Four kids in, and at the peak of our childcare bills, we are feeling the costs of raising a large family!
Back when I did the maths for the potential third child, we could stretch to it, just. But now we've had to cover the costs for a fourth child, it has certainly pushed us to our limits. It's double the nappies, double the baby food, the bigger family car, extra clothes, all that sort of stuff.

So when I'm counting the pennies out, wondering where my next take-away coffee is going to come from, I put this song on. It just speaks to me! Have a listen - loudly if you can - and enjoy!

I'd love to know what song best describes you and/or your family! What song sums you up right now? What's your family theme tune?



  1. Faithless - Insomnia (I can't get no sleep

  2. Bahahaha Mumma McD that is a perfect song for the likes of us! It is stuck in my head now. Hope it's not an omen for tonight.....