Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How we got to four...Part 1

I'd never considered much about how many children I wanted, expecting that I'd have my second baby and realise I was fulfilled. Two was the number - as it seems to be for so many people. But as soon as Miss P was born (and I'm talking while I was still in hospital with her), I was consumed by a need to be pregnant again.

Don't get me wrong - I was ecstatic to have my new baby girl and of course I was grateful for her good health. I had the pigeon pair, most would have been content at this point. But for me, I was overwhelmed at the thought of never being pregnant again, like I hadn't spent enough time during my second pregnancy appreciating it.

From that moment I spent hours over the next year and a half (I should mention here that once I get an idea in my head I tend to become a little on the obsessive side) dreaming and preparing for a third child, certain I was that 3 was our number. I considered available leave from work, how we would manage all the kids with day care, whether our finances would stretch to it and if we would need a new car. Happily, I declared to my husband that 3 children was completely manageable. He had his doubts. 'We won't even need a new car!' I proclaimed. 'Three seats can go in the back!'

Eventually, I got my wicked way and was up the duff for a third time. To my surprise, a small bump appeared quite quickly, at around 9 weeks. For my first two pregnancies, it took ages for me to show. People still couldn't tell when I was 6 months along. So for fun, I googled 'twin pregnancy', but this brought up other symptoms and indicators, aside from being bigger, like excessive morning sickness and having twins in the family. I had minimal sickness, just like in my other two pregnancies, and there were no twins we knew of in our family, so I put the fantasy swiftly to bed. I mean, twins sounded lovely, but when I considered the logistics of it all, like trying to get two babies to sleep, I felt that familiar shudder all over again. One baby would be fine, I thought!


Cut to the 12 week check, and I will never forget those amazing words from the sonographer's mouth: 'you've got twins!'. My goodness. It was  the most authentic shock I have ever had, and the best one at that. My reaction was to laugh hysterically, while my husband's was to stare at the screen with his mouth agape. As the sonograper finished the scan and explained that we had identical twins in separate sacs, I ran through the logistics again in my head. This would be amazing, I thought. Scary, and amazing. I dread to think what my husband was thinking at that exact moment. Funnily enough, I've never asked him. We could do this, I thought. Except for one thing.

'We're going to need a bigger car,' I announced.

Yeah, like that was our biggest problem solved, right there.


  1. It could happen to any of us! What a trooper you must be, twins and two others :-)

    1. Yes you're right, Joanium it's completely random! I made a lot of my friends' husbands nervous once we got pregnant with twins!