Saturday, 1 November 2014

Night out with a zombie

On Friday I decided to make a big effort to get Mr B out for some Halloween experience. It also happened to be my first time out in the big bad world of Trick or Treating.

After a clumsy attempt at this for Halloween 2013, when Husband took Mr B out at the last minute, only to find most of the treats to be gone, I thought I'd try and better it this year. So A very scary zombie (who wouldn't wear his mask cos it was too hot) and I headed out well in time to watch the streets unfold with Halloween chaos. We were ever so slightly, a bit too early this time....

Not to worry, there were quite a few people out and loads of small kids dressed in cute costumes, and we got to have a really good look at the efforts some people had gone to in decorating their place. There were some very impressive sights.

We walked the lengths of two very busy streets and tried to visit every decorated house to collect a treat. I stayed by Mr B's side and watched over his shoulder as he carefully chose his sweet from the bowls and buckets proffered. I have to admit, I was disappointed with a lot of his sweet choices and had to hold back from calling out: 'Not that one! Get the Mars Bar!" Alas, we have ended up with a lot of B-Grade chocolates and lollies, but at least our Bribery Pot at home will be filled for some weeks to come!

By the end of our venture, poor Mr B was exhausted. And the streets were by this time packed out with tweens running around in gory costumes, many of them carrying props such as a brain in a jar and bloody-looking toy weapons. Definitely time to go home.

My favourite observation was the adult hosts of the houses decked out in Halloween gear, who had gone to a lot of effort to get into the swing of things. Thumbs up to them. While hoards of scary kids set-upon their houses for treats, I noticed a lot of the them had the right idea at this point: put some deck chairs out on the front lawn, invite some friends over for wine, set up one of their tweens with a big bowl of sweets at the front gate and enjoy the show. Better yet, do it all dressed up in a brilliant costume. Bottoms up, I say!

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