Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Starting School & Other Things I'm Excited About Right Now

I love having things to look forward to. With the silly season approaching, I'm sure lots of people are in the same position. Holidays, time with family, great nights out, work Christmas parties. When I'm excited about stuff, I get a kick in my step and can feel my momentum in forward-drive. It is also great for the adrenaline (and list-making), as for me, upcoming events are going to need massive organisation and prep if they're to go smoothly. Otherwise my head will explode with worry.

Here's what's making me excited at the moment (and inflating my head with the worry):

1. School
This week we had our second School Orientation session for Mr B. I have to say, I am seriously excited about him starting school. It's going to be a whole new world. I'm looking forward to him learning in a different setting to his pre-school, and watching him thrive. I'm looking forward to the new community that starting school will bring us: a whole classroom of other parents. Some we'll befriend, some we'll aspire to, others I'm sure we'll bitch about. Newsletters, school lunches, events, sports days. I can't wait. Most of all, I'm excited about his school uniform. He looks so damn cute in it. We got the smallest size and it still hangs off him. To combat this, I tucked the shirt in, and he looked even cuter. Like a little nerdy skater boy. When he was amongst all the other school kids at orientation, I noticed he was the only one with his shirt tucked in. But just for that day, I indulged myself and kept the shirt tucked in. And took lots of photos.

2. Family Holiday
I use this term loosely, as our 'holiday' consists of two nights away at the local caravan park. In terms of manageability, this was the best I could come up with. To be honest, the thought of going away with four small children sends shivers down my spine. For starters, two of them hate sleep. But I desperately wanted the big kids to have some form of a holiday this year. Mr B thinks two nights away is a bit of a rip-off, but I make no apologies here. Two nights is more than enough for us to handle as a first holiday with the six of us. Don't worry, I will be bringing my coffee machine. Husband found this quite bemusing when I told him. I don't see the humour. It makes complete sense to me. He says there's bound to be a cafe nearby, but I say, will it be open at 5am when the babies have decided they've had enough sleep?

3. Birthdays
Miss P turns 3 just after Christmas. I made a vow to always have her party early in December so she would have friends available to come, rather than have them all be away around the Christmas period. I'm planning a big party for her, as she was really overshadowed by newborn twins arriving last year. I am really excited about the party but it is stressful! So much to do and so little brain space to figure it out with. I've started prep for it early on so its not all left til the last minute. Our babies are turning 1 the same week so it is a double, no, triple celebration. Also, we are getting a face painter for the do and I am definitely getting my face done. Now THAT'S exciting.

4. Christmas
I love it! Tinsel, carols on loop in every shopping centre, advent calendars, photos with Santa. I am the advertisers' dream: I will suck up anything Christmasy. This year I want to start a bauble tradition: each of the big kids can choose a fancy ornament to go on the tree. Every year they can each pick another new one to decorate the tree with. Then, when they're adults they will each have their own personal collection for their own Christmas trees. Last year I started a 'craft' advent calendar tradition and can confirm that we will not be revisiting that one. Complete time-consuming, pain-in-the-arse thing to make that the big kids didn't even get that excited about. This year we go ready-made.

And then amongst all this exciting stuff, it's Summer! Steamy weather, beaches, mangoes, cold beer, long hot evenings, the smell of BBQs and the sound of happy people enjoying the holiday season. Bring it on!

And then in March I can start complaining about how its been so bloody hot and that I can't wait for Winter. Something I like about me: I'm excited about Weather the whole year. I like that I'm so easily pleased by a new thing that isn't actually new, its just the same as the year before. I feel like a goldfish.

What are you excited about right now? Anything giving you a kick in your step?

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