Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A lovely little story with a sparkly finish

I am not one to harp on about the power of positive thinking, and this is by no means an 'Anthony Robbins' type blog (although I DIG him). But I do get a kick out of the great effects that making a small tweak to thinking can have.

For example.

 The other day, I came across this quote:


And I thought, wow, I would find that really hard. I complain ALL the time. So I took it on board and tucked it away in my mind to have a little think about. My day went on as usual, and I didn't give it much thought until I'd finished work and was waiting for a bus. There was weird diversion traffic happening, and I ended up jumping on a bus that took me a really long way round and meant I had to change buses to get a connecting bus home.

I started grumbling to myself about how I'd have to get another bus ticket for the second bus, which meant I'd have to find an ATM first, which was a bit of a pain in the arse. I called home to say I might be late, and while I was complaining, I caught myself. Woops. So I tried a different way of thinking. Instead of it being a huge pain in the arse, I decided it was just slightly inconvenient and not such a big deal to have to change buses and buy another bus ticket, and have my journey home extended by a few minutes.

So with this new way of thinking, I chilled out. I got off the first bus at a stop I'm not used to, and made my way to the connecting bus. And then I passed one of my favourite shops in the world:

Like an excited robot, I automatically headed inside. Now, I know some have their opinions about Starbucks and not all of them are good, but I LOVE it, we go back a LONG way, and share some GOOD memories. So in I went to order my usual grande skim hazelnut latte and that's when I saw the divine sparkly Starbucks mug. You've probably heard about it by now if you've been anywhere near my Facebook page. Lined with silver glitter, it has a smooth finish and a fabulous oversized, metallic handle. Gorgeous. It gleamed magically at me, so I checked the price (on sale), and then put it back, as one of my resolutions is not to BUY THINGS IMPULSIVELY.

So I took my grande skim hazelnut latte and headed out for my next bus stop. But the thought of the mug stayed with me, and my footsteps faltered. There'll never be another mug like that one, I thought sadly (clearly this is typical thinking of an impulsive spender). And with that, I turned around like the aforementioned excited robot and headed back to Starbucks. I asked the shop assistant to wrap it extra protective layers and then I carried my new purchase home like one would carry home a new baby from the hospital. And here it now stands in my kitchen:

sparkly starbucks mug *dreamy*

This mug gives me a kick in my step! Now I won't say that trying not to complain has changed my life but I do feel as though the altered course of thinking I decided to take that day opened the doors to this sparkly treat. And guess what? I have been back to Starbucks to get my sister one, and they're gone!!!! It was a right-time-right-place situation. Sorry, sis.

Why don't you try it today? Try not to complain for a whole 24 hours and see if anything awesome happens for you. At the very least, maybe you'll just feel lighter at the end of the day. Complaining sure gets wearisome.

Let me know how you go with it! Seriously, not an easy challenge! Good luck!

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