Friday, 6 February 2015

We survived our first week of school!

We did it! We survived our first week of school. Which was....what can I say? The word 'whirlwind' springs to mind. All in all, it all went well. Mr B has been a happy school kid, although he's been a bit miffed about having to go in everyday (didn't really word him up on that one).

But it's been BUSY. I sense a major learning curve coming my way. I already got a taste of one when I realised I didn't read the last page of the first newsletter, which instructed what the kids should have in the way of supplies. Cue one upset little guy at afternoon pick-up, who told me tearfully that he didn't have a library bag for the library visit (and therefore couldn't borrow the book about foxes).

Could they not have given him a *@$# plastic bag just for the one time? Is all I'm saying.

Something tells me that big school is more of a 'welcome to the real world' type learning place than his old kindy was.

Here are some other things that I've observed since beginning school:

1. I have got us there right on bell time every morning, despite my best intentions to get there with time to spare - and for Mr B to have a bit of a play and me to eye off some other parents. It's not ideal, pushing a double pram, carrying a Miss P and hurrying Mr B along to make it there in time for the bell.

2. Speaking of ridiculous logistics, let's just say that getting four children ready in the morning, loaded into the car, unloaded again 8 minutes later for school drop-off, and then packed up again for home...not so easy. Add in a little Miss P that demands to be carried....yeah, a tad difficult. Same goes for school pick-up, only in reverse. Plus it is during what's supposed to be the babies' sleep-time!

3. We didn't do ourselves any favours starting off the school year with one school shirt. It's my fault. I bought him one size 4 shirt late last year and then this year I decided that an additional size 6 shirt would do the job, given that they grow so fast. In fact I bought two of them. Then I put the size 4 shirt back on and realised that it still swam on him, so needed to swap the size 6s. But, being the first week back, the uniform shop queue was about 20 deep, not moving, and exposed to rain. So, had to surrender to the one shirt (white, might I add), which we hand-washed and express-dried twice during the week to get us through. So amateur!!

4. Mr B has picked up a bit of school-boy attitude already. He has amped up the cheekiness with us, and I have actually enjoyed it a little. It's been nice watching him spread his wings a bit. This week he has told Mr Laney off for being an 'angry pants', and has condescendingly patted me on the head for doing a good job drawing his latest monster for him.

5. Miss P's behaviour has dramatically improved with Mr B going to school. Now she has some space with me and the babies on the days she doesn't go to kindy. Poor little thing just needed a bit more one-to-one time with me I think. Or time to play on her own.

I'm spending the weekend getting a brilliant organisation system going so I can stay on top of the school stuff. I'm talking noticeboards, a filing system and a routine chart for Mr B. It's going to be a bit huge. It all starts with a trip to K-mart first thing in the morning.

How about you? How was back-to-school?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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