Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Magic Moment

Last week, we had a big first for my twin boys: their first time feeling the grass under their toes!
I had been feeling so bad about not getting them to the park earlier for this. It's been surprisingly difficult to organise something so simple. For one reason or another, I just couldn't make it happen. 
I was lucky enough  to have a day off work, so once I'd dropped Miss P at kindy and Mr B at school, we were off. Conditions were perfect. Not too hot, nice and overcast. After a quick stop for a coffee, we arrived at the park, where I picked a nice open bit of grass that looked really soft and thick.   

One reason I was holding off was because I thought they needed shoes to protect their feet. I finally got them each a pair but when we arrived at the park I realised that they had to feel the grass under their feet. That was the whole point.

As I got them out of the pram, I felt emotional. After such a long build up, and spending so much time feeling guilty about not getting to it sooner, I was really excited for my babies to have this experience. We have no grass at home.  Really, the only outside texture they’ve felt is pebbles from our courtyard. So this was huge for them. 

Once they were out, off they went. They LOVED it. It was so nice not to feel worried about where they were going. I've never felt so relaxed about letting them explore. I just followed them around slowly, snapping loads of photos and watching them enjoy their experience.  

I let them get really dirty before loading them back into the pram and giving them a good wipe-down. They looked knackered. Finally I can tick this one off on the list.
Next on the list: a sand experience!


How about you? Had any first experiences or magic moments lately?

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