Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Catch-up Post

I don't know about you, but with all these wonderful blogs around to read, I find it hard to keep up with who is saying what and how many kids everyone has. So I thought I'd write a re-cap post for you so we are all up to speed.

For those of you who've just joined The Laney Files, here is what you've missed so far:


Mr Laney and I met in a pub nearly 8 years ago. We bonded over beer and music. We had loads of fun going out to concerts, pubs and dinners. It was the first time I'd been in a relationship where there were no games. Cards were on the table from word go and everything fell into place. We got married a couple of years later. In a pub. It was very fitting.


We had Mr B - ahem - before we got married. He was nearly 2 at our wedding, and when Miss P arrived, he was just gone 2.5. I found going from one to two children really hard! For the first six months, getting out of the house with two kids, trying to breastfeed Miss P in peace and making sure I had time for Mr B were all huge challenges. Once she got more mobile, things got easier. But despite how hard I found it all, something else was going on. I was obsessed with getting on with baby number three. I'd decided three was 'our number'.

More Babies

So it turns out that four was the number. We became pregnant with twins. This was a huge shock. I really thought twins were about heredity and didn't think for a second it could happen easily to anyone else. The pregnancy was considered high-risk and was pretty scary. It was a very stressful time in our lives. Due to complications, the babies needed to come out at 32 weeks. Thankfully, we had a great team looking after us and we were fully prepared for the early delivery. The day our babies arrived was beyond amazing. It was really confronting to see tiny babies arrive into the world when they weren't quite ready. I felt intrusive, like I was fooling around with mother nature.

Over the next month we began to get a picture of what life would be like with four kids. Our twins couldn't have arrived at a more challenging time. It was December, fast-approaching Christmas and both the kids were just finishing kindy for the year. When we finally took our twins home, it was a FULL HOUSE.

Terrible Tuesdays

We have a fantastic day-care that we use. But in those early months, there was one day each week that I had all four kids at home. It became known as Terrible Tuesday. It was HARD. Four needy kids, that all needed their bums and noses wiped. All day. Weirdly, we've stopped using this term now.  Somewhere along the way, things have got easier.  I am used to the craziness in our lives now. Life is messy, noisy and funny.

Back to work

When the babies were 10 months, it was time for me to go back to work part-time. It was around the same time I turned 37, and became the subject of my first ever blog post (cringe - I'm not even going to link it). My employer is really supportive, but I find work hard. The work/life balance thing is very difficult when the 'life' side of things is so full-on. I can't completely leave things at home when I get to work - something always manages to trail in the door behind me. I know things will get easier as the kids get older. I'm doing my best to keep the need for work at a minimum, so I can stay on top of things at home and enjoy my kids while they're still little.

Big school

Mr B started school this year. I don't know why there's this idea that things get easier once they start school, because this has been a new challenge in itself. Not so much the getting our heads around school thing, but the logistics of it all! It seems that by the time we get home after school drop-off, followed by a quick grocery shop, it's time to get back for pick-up! Very often the poor babies won't have a decent sleep the whole day because their naps keep getting interrupted. Aside from these issues, it has been great to see Mr B transition into this new environment. School suits him.

 This blog

I started this blog because I wanted a creative outlet. It's been a huge learning curve that I am still travelling. There is so much I still have to learn, which gets frustrating because I have so little time to sit down and do it in. I didn't know anything about blogging before I started this one last September. This is pretty obvious in my first few posts. I like to think I am getting the hang of things with some practice and patience with myself.

Other stuff

On here, you'll read a lot about my coffee addiction and red wine dependency. I am ok with both of these things. Rather than get in the way of my life functioning, they do the total opposite: they make life work for me! I figure I am allowed a vice or two while I get through these early years of child-rearing.

If you have time for a bit more of a read, two of my most popular posts are Secret Parenting Behaviour and 8 Lessons My Threenager Can Teach Me About Life. Enjoy!

Ok, caught up? Great! Let me know if you have any questions!

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