Tuesday, 28 April 2015

7 mum super powers you might not know you have

When you become a mum, you develop a set of super powers that could rival the greatest of super heroes. These super powers help us defeat everyday obstacles that come with wrangling kids, and also help keep a lid on our sanity. How else would we manage to spend day after day with this crazy, noisy and demanding bunch?
Have you ever stopped to realise just how super you really are?

1. Super hearing

You can hear your child's cries in the middle of a crowded indoor play centre, full of other noisy children. You might be deep in conversation, or getting a coffee from the cafĂ©. Or in the loo. But the minute that pitch and tone rings out, you know it's your child, singing out for you like a little siren. Alternatively, your hearing abilities are so advanced that you can also choose to NOT hear your kids - for example, when they are whinging incessantly or carrying on about using the iPad. Or when you've just had enough. It's like putting ear plugs in. 

2. Super strength

You carry your children from the car to their bed when they're asleep. You scoop them up when they're tantrumming in the supermarket, effortlessly tucking them under one arm while steering the trolley with the other. Sometimes you carry more than one child at once. To avoid multiple trips to and from the car, you load up your arms with 15 bags of heavy groceries, 3 school bags and a variety of toys and shoes, carrying everything into the house in one journey. You even check the letterbox on the way in. You are made of iron, woman.

3. Super constitution

Being a mum means you need a strong stomach. There are lots of disgusting things we face, from baby vomit (which we are prepared to catch, if not wear) to explosive poos (which we are happy to discuss in detail). Ever used your bare hands to pick or wipe your sprog's nose? Talked to your pharmacist about wart removal or lice-killing potions? This is what I'm talking about. Don't even get me started on worms. *shudders*

4. Super kisses

Your three year old's woeful tears over a banged knee or bumped toe can be magically erased with one simple kiss from you onto the offending area. Instantly, your child is recovered. If that's not super power, I don't know what is.

5. Super in the face of exhaustion

Mums are tired. We can suffer through night after night of broken sleep yet still turn up for duty every day, dedicated to our cause. We still make the lunches, still get the washing in, and can still hold it together at the end of a long day to go over sight words, albeit with sore, red eyes and a banging headache. I don't want to be bitchy, but I seriously doubt Spider-Man or any member of the Marvel clan could go about their super-hero business on 2-3 hours of broken sleep for nights on end.

6. Super safety assessor

When you're a mum, you become super efficient at gauging potential danger to your child in every environment you enter. From sharp edges to unguarded power points to wild swings at the park -  you're onto it. You know where danger lurks, but more importantly, you know what your kids are likely to become embroiled in.

7. Super sixth sense

You just know when things aren't quite right. The kids have been quiet for too long. You realise they're in the shed, where the paint is kept. Or they're up in the bathroom, where your make-up is. Luckily, because of #6, you can often carry out a risk assessment from the comfort of your couch, swiftly determining that whatever they're likely to be doing is worth the 15 minutes it takes for you to finish your cup of tea. 

How about you? Any super powers revealed to you since you began motherhood? Or are there any you really wish you had?!

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