Saturday, 27 June 2015

Apparently it's the school holidays?

These school holidays have crept up on me, and I only realised they were arriving when people started asking me what I had planned for them. Hmm...four kids at home. Is 'day-to-day survival' an answer? Or 'keeping my head above water?' No? Too droll? How about 'Holy crap, I've got NOTHING PLANNED WHAT DO I DOOOOOO???'
Suffice to say, I've found it a tad hard to come up with what I'm actually doing these holidays. To be honest, I find it much easier coming up with what I won't be doing for the next two weeks. And let me tell you, the idea of that is a holiday in itself. A holiday for the's a braincation.

For example, I won't be:

Constantly washing the school shirt

For some reason, we've only got one winter school shirt. Actually that's misleading, there is a reason: we only have one shirt because I keep forgetting to go to the uniform shop to get another one. So we have to keep washing the one we have, several times a week to make sure it's wearable. You can imagine the frantic mornings at ours, wondering where it is and if it's dried overnight and WHERE IS IT ANYWAY??  It's all very dull. Because it could be avoided. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I tossed the shirt and trousers into the laundry and gave them both the finger. See you in two weeks fellas.

Stifling yawns while we learn sight words

Is anyone else glad to give these a rest? I don't know about Mr B, but I definitely need a break from the coloured words. These got hard all of a sudden when we moved from saying them out loud to having to write them down to learn their spelling. This takes all sorts of efforts I have trouble mustering up most nights. Especially right before Mr B's bedtime, when I am picturing about seven things I would rather be doing. One of which comes in a glass.

Dealing with school mornings

I might have written a Morning Manifesto but that doesn't mean all mornings are perfect or that I enjoy the adrenaline of getting us out on time. I will be crazy-glad to give this one a rest. No more hunting for school socks! That reminds me, I must buy more socks...

Memorising designated days

No designated days for two weeks...bliss. No sports days or library days or mufti or jump rope for heart days - no more days for me to cover the front door in reminder post-it notes for. Man, it's going to be tough when all four of them are at school. How the heck will I keep up with all the days? I will be all over the mummy organiser blogs when that time comes.

Yanking babes from their sleep

Pick-up time is always when the babies are sleeping. I leave them sleeping until the last minute before yanking them from their slumber and thrusting them into their car seats while they're all sleepy-eyed, still wondering what's going on. For the next couple of weeks, these babies will be sleeping.

Wrangling Miss P away from the school playground

It's always a process: me, giving them 5 minutes to play after school. Me, announcing that it's time to go. Me, ignored. Me, asking Mr B to wait by the pram with the babies. Me chasing Miss P around the playground. Me, hunting for her shoes, that she's taken off and left somewhere. Me, trying not to use my stressy-high-pitched voice in public. It never gets old.

There. Holiday plans sorted. Sometimes it's more a case of what you won't be doing that makes the holiday, don't you think?

How about you? Got anything that you're deliriously happy about not doing for two weeks? Are you in need of a braincation?

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