Monday, 15 June 2015

A different sort of weekend

As you've probably heard, over the weekend a few of us headed to the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Masterclass and launch events.  I have to say, I was giddy with excitement in the lead-up to this! The night before our flight down to Melbourne, I set four alarms to make sure I work up at 5.30am, ready for the early morning flight. And then I still work up at 4.30am, worried that I had missed the wake-up call!
It was a great day. Most of my weekends are like yours, probably - they revolve around children's parties, sport, grocery shopping and trying to get the washing sorted ready for Monday! So it was a welcome change to not give two hoots about any of that and jetset down to Melbourne for a weekend that was all about my interests!
Speaking of my interests, here is what really floated my boat on Saturday:

The journey

There's something about airports that is so exciting! There's such anticipation in the air. What made this trip even more fun was meeting up with my blogging friend Mumma McD from Toilets Aren't For Turtles, to travel down to Melbourne together. Lucky me, I got the window seat on the way down!

The Masterclass

Within minutes of us arriving, the first of the presentations began. Wow, talk about a learning fest! So many great speakers offered their experience, tips and encouragement. The highlight for me was hearing from four amazing bloggers, and while I loved learning from them (and took notes furiously) the best bit for me was getting to know the women behind these brilliant blogs. If you haven't heard of Miss Chardy, look her up, she has an amazing story and is hilarious!

The bloggers

Naturally, we were spoiled for choice when it came to bloggers to mingle with. I met some wonderful blogging folk, including Bec from The Plumbette, Caroline from Mama Raj Says, Lucy from Bake Play Smile, and I finally got to meet Michaela from Not Another Slippery Dip in person. But the blogger that made the biggest impression on me was Em from Have A Laugh On Me for her gorgeous, down-to-earth friendliness (and her willingness to talk about kids!).

The lunch

I was starving when lunch came around and happily stuffed myself with the yummy food from the buffet. I am really bad with hunger and loss of concentration so I didn't want the pangs to ruin things for me later on! Thanks Kidspot!

The announcements

Finally, the moment that everyone had been waiting for arrived. I was a bundle of nerves by this point, waiting to hear the Top 100 announced officially in front of all these people. And when The Laney Files was called out, alongside all these other amazing blogs, I was completely overwhelmed. Embarrassingly, I got a bit teary! It was the nerves!! Luckily, Mumma McD was on hand to give me a hug and tell me to get over it. And to pass over a fresh glass of bubbles! You can see the full list of finalists here.

The drinks

Hell yeah! The gorgeous bar kept the glasses topped up and the waiters circled the room with food to make sure we kept our stomachs lined....unfortunately my nerves had travelled from my head down to my stomach, which refused to let any food in, so I went ahead and got quite lubricated indeed.

How cool is this pic?? Mumma McD, you are very talented!

All in all, we had a great time, and while we wished there'd been more time to get out and about in Melbourne, we were desperate to get back to the family by Sunday morning.

Thanks again for reading my blog and supporting me in this journey. I really appreciate it!

Did you get to the Masterclass? Are you going to Problogger??

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