Thursday, 18 June 2015

This umbrella comes with a story

How gorgeous is this umbrella? The bright red, the pretty frills...and what's not to love about Snow White? She's old school and is definitely the best dressed of the princesses. I also love that this umbrella stands out among all the princess pink and Frozen blue around at the moment.
There's actually a story behind it. It's a bit weird. But here goes.
When I was in my early twenties, which was...oh dear...about fifteen years ago, I went through an - ahem - 'alternative' phase. I was very into wearing vintage, flowing dresses, wore lots of glitter and hair clips, and plenty of green eye-shadow. I was also quite big on fairy folklore but let's not delve too much into that one, it all gets a bit full-on from here *reddens*.
Anyway, I moved from Sydney to England, where I settled in Norfolk for awhile. As you can imagine, they all thought the token Aussie with the weird slant on fashion and beliefs about fairies was a great novelty, so I settled in well there and made lots of very tolerant friends, some of whom were a bit on the alternative side themselves.  
At the local mall there was a Disney shop, which housed all the merchandise a child or indeed, a 20-something misfit like me could dream of. And this was where I found my Snow White umbrella, which I went on to use whenever it rained, bravely and proudly in the city streets of Norwich. It looked right at home with my vintage dress up and green eye-shadow.
I grew out of this phase later in my twenties. 'Phew!' you're probably thinking. Yeah, me too. Sort of.
So when it was time (and sometimes you just know when it's time, right?), I put my little umbrella aside and thought, 'Hey, maybe one day I'll have a little girl who can use this umbrella herself.' That was fifteen years ago. And it's been with me ever since.
It travelled home with me when I moved back to Australia, and it's gone from wardrobe to wardrobe in the different places I've lived since, waiting in the wings for its chance to shine again. I could never donate it or try to sell it. For all I know, this particular design isn't for sale anymore. Maybe it's worth something, but it really doesn't matter. This one has true sentimental value.
So here it is today. Fifteen years later, being used my very own little fairy. Who also loves a good dress-up session. Maybe she gets that from me?
*Disclaimer: I no  longer describe myself as 'alternative' or part of fairy folklore, and, while I love a good set of fairy wings, I partake in the wearing of these only in the privacy of my home. And when I do, it is strictly under the instructions of Miss P. Also, sometimes when Miss P is using glitter, it accidentally spills onto me , often in my hair or across my cheeks. It is very hard to get off. In which case I am forced to wear it, and yes it can look out of place on a 37-year old mother of four but at the same time I can't help but think it looks a bit pretty. Miss P agrees. 

Did you keep any relics from your past for your children to use? Got any fashion demons to face? And which Disney princess is your favourite (you know, if you had to choose one)? 

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