Friday, 31 July 2015

9 totally mumsy things I'm looking forward to about summer

looking forward to about summer

That's it, I'm sick of winter. Why is it so rubbish? No one likes it, everyone gets sick and it goes on for freaking ever. I am now officially ready for the warm weather - although it's occurred to me that as a mum, I look forward to summer for very different reasons than I did pre-kids.

Back in the days before all the kids, there'd be very clear things I'd be looking forward to about summer: beer gardens, Christmas parties, new year celebrations. Of course, things are a little different these days. Now that there's kids in my life, I look forward to summer for all the 'mumsy' reasons.

Because winter with kids is a pain in the arse. Once you're done with the trips to the snow and got your thrills from wearing flannelette pyjamas and big cosy dressing gowns...all that's left is snotty noses, wet socks and freezing cold mornings.

So I'm mumsy now. Big deal. I'm telling you, my life as a mum will be easier in summer. Here's why:

1. Towels that we use for showers will actually be dry in time for the next one. During winter, our towels always have damp spots, even after 24 hours. It's gross. I can't stand it.

2. I'll be lightning fast at dressing the kids. For the last three months, I've been dressing the kids in multiple layers because of the cold. I won't bore you with the details, but applying six layers of clothing to wriggling, surprisingly-strong toddler twins, who think it's hilarious to run away and hide every time I loosen my grip on them, takes about three hours. It gets me sweaty. In the summer, I'll be all like: 'here's your singlet - yay, you're dressed!'

3. You can get away with lazy dinners for the kids. When it's hot, it's totally acceptable to serve cold meat and salad for dinner, or a BBQ chicken and fresh rolls. Cheap, quick and easy. I'm there.

4. Surely the sickness will ease up. I know we can still get sick in the summer. But without all the wintery germs flying about in public and that stupid wind-chill factor, the germs will whizz through all four kids in half the time, I'm sure.

5. There'll be less washing to do. In winter there are more clothes to wear and therefore more clothes to wash. It is unbelievable how quickly our washing machine fills up.

6. Stuff on the line will dry quickly. In the summer I can put washing on the line at 8am and get it in by midday, all crisp and dry...oh dear - I told you this list was mumsy. What's happened to me?

7. No more hunting for socks. I'm sick of these things. We're done hoping for matching socks in this house, nowadays we just hope for two socks that fit or don't have holes in them. It's exhausting. This summer we're all wearing sandals. Getting out the door will almost be a pleasure.

8. There are better options for days out. I can't wait to get the kids to the beach. I love early summer mornings when it's warm by 9am, and perfect for getting out and about. There are so many outside options during summer.

9. Sipping cold beer on a summer's evening is awesome. It might not be in the hip and bustling beer garden, but even the mumsiest of us mums can appreciate the value of a cold beer after a day with the kids. Right?

What about you? Are you finding the cold weather harder as a parent? Do you think summer will make things easier?  

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