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7 reasons why mums need wine o'clock

mums need wine o' clock

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Wine o'clock never meant that much to me before I had kids. Sure, I enjoyed it, and it was always nice to share a bottle with friends. But there was nothing sacred about it. Mostly, because back then wine o'clock could happen at any time and for any reason - or no reason at all.

These days wine-drinking is a more serious business in the Laney household. It bookends the completion of the day, those last few minutes of mayhem, which for us mums is pretty much the hardest part. Without wine o' clock, the day just sort of keeps going...I need it for the endpoint.

It's a reward, yes - but for mums, there's more to it than that. Wine o'clock offers reflection, commiseration and celebration. It allows us to relax, laugh, see humour about the chaos of the day. We get to connect with ourselves and with our partners. We talk about all the stuff that happened and think about what we could do better tomorrow. 

Not that we have to explain ourselves of course - but here are 7 reasons why us mums need wine o'clock in our lives:

1. For the ritual
Wine o'clock comes with a ritual, which is all about the fancy glass and savouring those first drops of velvet. Me, I don't touch a drop until the kids are in bed. Wine o'clock is my time, I don't want to share it with a noisy, chaotic atmosphere. Once I take my first sips, the real magic happens. I begin to think about MY OWN CRAP. For more than a minute. And the wine glass? That smooth, round, sparkling (thank you rinse aid) glass that is completely off limits to kids and therefore fingerprint and smudge free? Well, it's magic. And it's mine, ALL MINE. 
2. For the good stuff that comes with it
Wine o'clock means I actually get to talk to Mr Laney without the conversation being constantly interrupted by the kids (as much fun as that sort of conversation can be). It accompanies a bit of playtime on social media, or some escapism with the TV, so it's associated with down-time. It might accompany writing, so it's associated with inspiration. It's all the good stuff. One day I'm going to drink wine and read a book while having a bath, with proper bath salts and everything. Now that would be unWINEding time. Do you see what I did there? Did you see it??
3. For the sh@#fight parts of the day
Let's be honest. We love our kids madly but a day with them is a day spent dealing with tantrums, stubborn minds and defiant behaviour. We listen to demands, provide cuddles, offer band aids. We hug away the tears and often cry our own when no one's looking. We know motherhood can be a thankless task but there are times when motherhood is a total biaatch. Which is actually a lot of the time. I don't know what her problem is. Pour the wine.   
4. For the bits where we kicked motherhood's arse
Then there are those fleeting moments of the day when we really believe we're nailing this motherhood thing. We finally get our child toilet trained, the kids loved our homemade lasagne, we find the missing security toy that's been AWOL for two weeks. If that doesn't deserve a self-congratulatory sav blanc I don't know what does. Cheers to us!

5. For the stuff we remembered and the stuff we didn't
There's nothing quite like that look on your three year old's face when you forget about dress-up day at kindy. Or sitting at work thinking about your school child freezing in the playground because you forgot to pack his jumper. On the other hand, if you remembered to not only RSVP to a party, but also got a birthday present AND wrapping paper AND a card, hats off to you, you clever thing: drink up!

6. For the conversation and questions. All the livelong day.
Because kids don't shut-up. It's almost impossible to get a coherent thought to complete itself in my head without a child interrupting me with a question, a random comment that makes no sense or a story about Minecraft...that makes no sense. Wine helps ease that fried-brain feeling.

7. For the knowledge that tomorrow it starts again
The thing about motherhood is that it's a relentless beast. We only just survive the day yet we're expected to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. But after a glass of shiraz, we find the tension melting away. We blur out the horrible bits and start to remember the other parts of the day with fondness. We start to miss the kids. Do NOT wake them up for a cuddle. I repeat, do NOT wake them up. Finish your wine and go to bed. Tomorrow is coming.

* The Laney Files promotes thoughtful alcohol consumption (because we wouldn't want to ruin a good thing).You can find information here about low-risk drinking.

So tell me: do you have wine o'clock at your place? Do you make yourself hang on until a certain point or do you get that wine open early?? What else do you do once the kids are in bed that keeps you sane??

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