About Me

Hi, I'm Laney, and welcome to my blog!

I have four children under 6. Two of them are baby twins.

Yep, we're pretty busy.

If you'd told me in my twenties, that in my thirties I'd have four small children that include twins, I would have laughed, and probably panicked. In fact, while pregnant with my second baby, I used to look at mums with bigger families, and shudder.

Fast forward two or three years, and I guarantee you, there are people looking at me with my brood, who are shuddering. But that's ok. I love my lot and wouldn't change it for anything. It's chaotic. It's frantic. It's high-pressure. Man, it's hard. But they're my babies, which also makes it fun, amazing and brilliant. But they are LUCKY they're so damn cute.

We all live in a soon-to-be-too-small townhouse in a vibrant Australian City. We are tired, crazy-busy, completely skint and totally in love with our lively bunch. There is lots of shouting, laughter and mess. And boy, do Mr Laney and I bicker like we never have before (it's pretty much always about who's more tired). But I wouldn't change anything for the world. Except maybe the dark circles under my eyes and the early grey hairs this lot have given me.

As well as being a besotted mum, I am also a woman, a wife, a daughter and an employee. I wear different hats and often get them confused. Some hats seem more important than others and some certainly get neglected. It is a constantly juggling act that I want to improve on.

That's when I came up with the tagline 'getting mummy savvy'. This parenting journey is one big learning curve for me, and it's a pretty steep one at that. Having kids is hard work, but I find the more I learn, the easier things get, which makes room for other things in my life. Parenting is my number one priority but I want to have room for the other stuff too.

If you love your kids yet also love the other roles you have in life: as a woman, a wife, a small business owner, a writer, whatever they may be, then this blog is for you. I write about the challenges and joys of having a busy family, but I also write about how to make the most of the person you are and want to be.

It's about doing it all with more savvy and less sweat. We don't want to work harder for the things we want. Just smarter.  That's what I want, anyway. If you do too, then stick around!

By the way, Laney is actually an old nickname of mine. I also go by the name Karina. But this really didn't sound right when I was coming up with my blog title.

I'd love you to stick around and see if anything tickles your fancy. But you're probably strapped for time, like I am. So, just for you, here are my three most popular blog posts:

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  1. So lovely to "meet" you and your lovely family. Yes, things must be busy in your household. And still you find time to write - how wonderful. I'll be following :-)

  2. Thanks, so great to have you onboard!

  3. How refreshing to read a mum who tells it like it is! I have three girls under 4 and it's chaotic but I love them with all my heart and yes wouldn't change it any other way. I too have dark circles under my eyes and my 6 month old has decided she wants to be up every couple of hours. The only solace is that I know she is my last so I savour those cuddles and the feeding because she will grow and won't be a baby anymore. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. xx

  4. I've got 3 kids & I thought I was mad. Ha ha so nice to have found your blog. I think we could be friends. A mum who tells it as it is. Love it :)

  5. sheer madness.
    I could not do it. I will hardly cope with myself. And my daughter is struggling with one child.

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